You Know How We Do It es una canción del rapero Ice Cube que aparece en Grand Theft Auto V. Se puede escuchar en la estación de radio West Coast Classics.


yeah... yeah!
fool you know how we do it

West side
comin from the west side
nothin but the west side

Ain't nuttin goin on but the bomb ass rap song
hittin all night long
just like me on the black and white ivory
gettin six on artillery you don't want to see a g
break yo' ass like dishes
buster ass tricks sleep with the fishes
runnin from lennox up at venice
they wanna have me in stripes, like dennis the menace
but that ain't poppin, ain't no stoppin
fo'-hoppin, ass droppin, coupe deville
my truth can, ill - fool i got skills
so, back on up 'fore i check that chin
down as fuck and i'm full off henn'
you gets no love and i thought you knew it
fool, you know how we do it

Comin from the west side
west side, comin from the west side

chillin with the homies, smellin the bud
double parked and i'm talkin to dub
about who got a plan, who got a plot
whom got got, and who got shot
cause everybody knows that he got the info
crazy toones hangin out the window
fool i got them bomb-ass tapes
da lench mob, _planet of the apes_
i'm down with eiht, and _watts up_
kam is solo, they got nuts
when ice cube write a sentence
i want "the bomb," just like george clinton
s-k-d is down to catch a body
put on _knee deep_, we'll turn out your party
you gets no love and i thought you knew it
fool, you know how we do it

You know how we do it

jack b. nimble, and jack b. quick
if you wanna jack me on a lick, cause
i'm that fool from south central
you think you stuck yourself, with a number 2 pencil
that's how i poke hot lead in yo' ass
with "mo' bounce to the ounce" in the dash
mash up, ve-nice, headed for the west
everything is great, slow down for the dip
on a 100 and 8th and keep mashin
don't drink and drive to keep the fo' from crashin
stashin a glock and i thought you knew it
you know how we do it
Comin from the west side, west side
nuttin but a west side
it's hittin on the west side
fool, you know how we do it


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