Esta es la transcripción de la estación de radio Lips 106 en Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Ejemplos:

Male Imaging Voice: Who needs a Top 40 countdown? Pop stations only have to play six songs! Lips 106. Andee: This is the Top Pop Show with Cliff, and me, Andee, on Lips 106!

Cliff: I've got a great voice, and I'm paid to crack the jokes!

Andee: And I'm paid to laugh at them. Hehe!

[Funk In Time from Rudy LaFontaine starts]

Cliff: Rudy LaFontaine, Funk in Time, on Lips 106! Coming up next weekend Pop Poppettes, we've got the Lips 106 slumber party hosted

Andee: To win one for you and twenty of your best girlfriends, fill out an entry form at any Cluckin' Bell. I'm so excited!

Cliff: You should be! Lights out pillow fight! Oh, daddy, put it away...

Andee: You're so grody, Cliff, stop it!

Cliff: Right now we've gotta take a break.

[Commercial - Chateau de Buff]

Male Imaging Voice: Just started your period?

Young Girl: Mommy...!?

Male Imaging Voice: So did the rest of our listeners! Lips 106.

[Love is the Feeling from Sawaar starts]

Cliff: Here on Lips we play Top 40, which means the most popular music! Hey, America is a democracy, so popular equals best!

Andee: That's right, Cliff.

Cliff: Heh heh, thanks Andee. Thanks a lot... (pause) Nice top, by the way, uh...really tight. Aren't you a little...old to be wearing something like that?

Andee: Screw you, Cliff!

[Mine Until Monday from Sunshine Shine starts]

Cliff: You're on Lips with me, Cliff Lane!

Andee: And me, Andee!

Cliff: Yeah, too. Half-wit old mutton dressed as a lamb, cock-blocking Andee. I need a teen girl sidekick!

Male Imaging Voice: Lips 106.

Cliff: Bring it on, Sunshine Shine! Mine Until Monday on Lips 106. [Mine Until Monday plays all the way through]

Cliff: Listen to me for a second. I have to ask you. Who on earth is into boy bands? Who buys that crap?

Andee: I do!

Cliff: Everyone knows pop music should be sung by hot little teenage girls in tight clothes. Ooohhh....don't you think, Andee?

Andee: I don't know, Cliff. Sometimes guys can sing great, too.

Cliff: Oh, stop creeping me out!

Male Imaging Voice: You're a teenager, so you're really important. We understand that. Now, it's time for you to learn how to covet stuff with these messages from our sponsors. Lips 106.

[Commercial - Citizens United Negating Technology]

Male Imaging Voice: 106.

[Commercial - Lab Rat Cart Racing]

Male Imaging Voice: Lips 106.

[Get Down from Credit Check starts]

Cliff: Don't touch that radio! Don't even think illicit thoughts about touching it. I was just lookin' at the new Teen Sixteen magazine that just came out. So many dreams that can never be realized, wow...mmm...(moaning)

Andee: Cliff, what are you doing?

Cliff: Uh...I'm just adjusting...something under the console here...sorry. (clearing throat)

Andee: That was Credit Check with Get Down!

Cliff: Now see, that's a great pop record.

Andee: Why do you hate boy bands so much, Cliff?

Cliff: A boy band...who wants a boy band? Get five young, nubile, adolescent girls so tight fit and new and...get them foaming each other at a car wash in the video...and tell me that's not entertainment at its finest!

Male Imaging Voice: Your parents grew up listing to rock n roll. Now they've got a mortgage and are really boring. (laughter, then screaming) It's your turn to get on the conveyor belt. Lips 106.

Cliff: Get ready for Cool Timers. It's on now. This is Tonight on Lips 106.

[Tonight from Credit Check starts]

Cliff: OK, pop fans, you're on Lips 106. Get your Lips 106 tank tops, they're perfect for teens. Plus, Liberty City, I'll be telling you how to audition for the new girl band I am gonna manage, called "Lost Innocence". So any potential starlets who wanna, "lose their innocence" know, maybe your body's going through some changes you don't understand...ring me up!

Andee: Let's take a break. Maybe Cliff needs a cold shower.

Cliff: I...uh...was just thinkin' about the girl's softball team I used to coach. Mmm!

[Commercial - LCPD Recruitment]

Cliff: More music, less talk. Especially from Andee. That's always been the Lips 106 way. And another young hottie coming up with her biggest hits.

Andee: You are grody!

Cliff: Get on, Nina Barry. Bassmatic!

Male Imaging Voice: 106.

[Bassmatic from Nina Barry starts]

Cliff: Cliff Lane! And Andee, playin' the hits. Only on Lips 106 with me, Cliff!

Andee: And me, Andee!

Cliff: She's here to laugh at the jokes, not to suck up and try to get my job. Anyway, let's just keep the pop poppin' and play another song.

Andee: Can I please just say something?

Cliff: Shut up, you witch! Shouldn't you be in an old folks' home by now?

Andee: I'm 26!

Cliff: Exactly.

Andee: I can't wait until I'm the only DJ on this station.*

[Commercial - PastMaster]

Cliff: Lips 106, home of the hits and me, the hit-maker, Cliff Lane! We'll be right back, don't go away, just wait there lonely and unsure...on the cusp of experience.

[Commercial - Citizens United Negating Technology]

Male Imaging Voice: Making sure American radio sounds awful one record at a time. Pop music just got worse. Lips 106.

Cliff: And now, the Jackstars with their latest, Into Something.

Male Imaging Voice: 106.

[Into Something from The Jackstars starts]

Cliff: Lips 106. That band is great, and you can see them live! What would you do for tickets? Call up Cliff and tell me! How many teen girls do you think I can fit under this console?

Andee: That was The Jackstars. Into Something!

Male Imaging Voice: 106.

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