"She's on Fire" es una canción del músico italiano Giorgio Moroder junto con la cantante americana Amy Holland. La canción es del año 1983 y pertenece al album "Scarface". Esta canción aparece en la radio Flashback 95.6 de Grand Theft Auto III.


Don't be mistaken by the first impression

And watch out for that innocent expression

She's not what she seems

Don't wait in her dreams

Coz when she breaks away from the child

And the woman is wild So wild


She's on fire

And she burns through the night at the speed of light

She's on fire

With the heat of the beat right beneath her feet

She's on fire

And the name of the game is to fuel her flame

She's on fire...

And so the dance with danger's your decision

But understand she's not quite like her vision

I'm warning you now

You sure you know how?

Coz she can take your heart

And the child and the woman is wild So wild



She's On Fire- Amy Holland

She's On Fire- Amy Holland

Esena donde se escucha en la película "Scarface"

She's on fire... and she's burning


  • Al final de la canción, Tony cantara parte del coro y luego nos dice una pequeña anécdota en relaciona al nombre de la canción.