Say That Then es una canción interpretada por Problem, en colaboración con Glasses Malone. La canción puede ser escuchada a través de la estación Radio Los Santos.


[Intro: Problem]
It's hard for a nigga to say what’s up
Straight up
[Verse 1: Problem]
What? I am CA
Diego, LA, to the Bay
Yea, it’s my shit my nigga
L Gang got this my nigga
On lock, on wrap, whatever
I’m rich, come to smell my leather
Rich now but I’m wearing whatever
Cheese burger, no beef come with cheddar
But I ain’t trippin, take it all in
Lick ya girl clit then she take it all in
Best kush fillin my joints
Say I sound too LA, that’s the point
Nigga, what?
[Hook: Problem]
Nigga you know where I’m from
You know what I represent
Nigga you know where I’m from
You know what I represent
Got a problem? Say that then
Say that then, Say that then (huh?)
Want a problem? Say that then
Say that then, Say say that then (what?)
[Verse 2: Problem]
Aye, where the bitches at?
Please keep me away from where the snitches at
Cuz I ain’t tryna hear what you gon tell me
At least stay with one ho like I barely
Cash on the celly cuz a nigga getting it
Rhyme and I’m pitchin' it
Ain't shit different
Nigga you sweet, you gon need some insulin
Get him coz I throw my rod deep like a fisherman
Lick her in the kitchen then
Fuck her on the floor tho
Pop the nigga molly, rollin like a 4 door
I ain’t goin down, yea like yo ho go
Getting this money nigga, ball like a cholo
[Verse 3: Glasses Malone]
I am CA
Sac town, Sea side, LA
And nigga this my shit
Bad ass DM clique
Crew, gang, mobbing
Say the wrong thing I'm poppin
Ain’t nobody lining nothing up
Interference, we all fuck em up
Drink east side, no cuts, fuck a bandaid
Eating on some crumbs with the mayonnaise
I’m the man and all the hoes see that
Tell me pull up if a bitch nigga need that
On the set

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