Madhouse (Manicomio al español) es una canción utilizada como BSO (Banda Sonora Oiginal) para el juego Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Pertenece al grupo de Rock "Anthrax". Puede ser escuchada cuando el jugador accede a un vehículo con radio o a través del menú de pausa.


White coast to bind me

Out of control

I live alone inside my heart

World of confusion

Air filled with noise

Who says that my life's such a crime?

Tapped, in this nightmare

I wish I'd wake

As my whole life begins to shake

four walls surround me

an empty gaze

I can't find my way out of this maze

'Cause I don't care

Fall in, fall out

Gone without a doubt, help me!

I can't take the blame

Thay don't feel the shame

It's a madhouse

Or so they claim

I'ts a madhouse

Oh, Am I insane?

My fears behind me

what can I do?

My dreams haunt my sleep at night

Oh no, won't learn their lesson

White fills my eyes

And only then they see the light.

Mad madhouse!

Mad, mad, mad madhouse!

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