Livin' It Up es una cancion de Mandrill que se puede escuchar en la emisora International Funk de GTA IV.


Livin' it up!

Get back

Against the wall nigga

Because you'll go to jail

Livin' it up

Jail, we know we know

But you're doin' time

God damn say

Livin' it up


I heard you had a (ounce heady)

They say you was a

[Hurry it up]


But you're (---)

No use in crying Got to fight, with all your might For what you believe Never give up [Give up give up, yeah]

I used Haven't seen no light From the real side Do what you know is right


Got to be a All the time he was Livin' it up Living in a glass world, lookin' out, tryna find meaning on the inside Can you dig it? Livin' it up Get up! Let your mind be the best of you Livin' it up Watch the snake in the grass Slip aside and let him pass Before he'll bite your ass

Life gon' be like Livin' it up You know you know Livin' it up You were, livin' it up, glass world, lookin' on the upside [Livin' it up] Get back say Livin' it up