Liberty City The Invasion es una de las canciones de Seryoga que aparece en Vladivostok FM en Grand Theft Auto IV. La canción se encuentra en ruso, la cual es traducida al ingles.


Yo! Hello, Liberty City! Free city! Meet the russian guy! Hello to all the gangsta's, yo! We're gonna own this motherfucking city! Everything is gonna be ours!

Your business, Your chicks, Your money, Your cars!

Everything! It's motherfucking takeoff! It's motherfucking takeoff! It's not just a game! It's not just a game, motherfucker!

[Verse 1] Run before it's too late, Run like a street dog. You feel that the cops Are following you.

According to police records You're "particlarly dangerous criminal". A cellphone is telling that "The subscriber is not availible".

Before they killed you You need to decide. There's nothing more to do in Russia, You need to run. Be careful now,

Don't call to your homies. There's no trust to anyone, But maybe there's still a chanse. You felt that there's a trap, You knew that they've been locking boys.

Pack your stuff, bro, Or they gonna lock you up too. Pigs are on the hunt, They're right behind you. You need a luck to not get caught Here and there. You will meet tomorrow's morning

Far away from MKAD. Run away, you know for sure That you need to go. And there, beyond the ocean, You will build a new life. Here comes the russian boy! Hold tight, Uncle Sam!

[Chorus] "There" is not "here". "Cosa Nostra" is not "Bratva". Rublovka is not Hollywood. LC is not Moscow. Jin is not vodka, and "Marlboro" is not "Belomor". Everithing's gonna be sweet. Just need to stay in one piece. [Repeat]

[Verse 2] The free city Under the free skies. This city is rich. They will know what you can do

For the crispy dollar, And why the roulette of death Is called "russian". Russian boy's ready to play For american dream. A lots of action, definately Lots of extreme. All of this plus a serious risk

And then multiplied By the special effects Until the syberia-scale chills. Let somebody do loud business As silently as possible. You will do what you must, You must survive.

If they will mix it up There's gonna be a nice mess. The whole city will be ours. No matter will they love

Or hate you, You're a russian guy, and You're gonna own Liberty City. And there, beyond the ocean, You will build a new life. Here comes the russian boy! Hold tight, Uncle Sam!