Keep Dreaming es una canción de Vanilla Smoothie que aparece en Head Radio, que puede ser escuchada en Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Letra (en inglés)

Oh no what's this staring back at me

I'm blinded by the silence

I just want to go outside

Why you keepin' me in this house of glass

To see when i'm goin' to crack

Well I think that you might be the straw that breaks my back

Yeah i keep dreaming I keep dreaming everythin's gonna be alright

We're gonna get right through this yet

One day we'll see the funny side (One day we'll see the funny side)

Nothin's ever gonna be the same but at least We've learned

You shoulnd't have to try (You shoulnd´t ever have to try so hard)

You said you'd always love me if it was nothin'

You'd always stay with me

If you want to go then you got to go

But let me know is this all about your pride

I keep dreamin I keep dreamin everythin's gonna be alright

Still I keep dreamin'I keep dreamin' everythin's gonna be alright

I keep dreamin' I keep dreamin' everythin's gonna be alright.


**Vanilla Smoothie - Keep Dreaming**

**Vanilla Smoothie - Keep Dreaming**