Bed of Roses es una canción que se puede escuchar en la radio K-Rose del Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Su intérprete son los Statler Brothers. Es reproducida en el juego en la radio K-Rose.


She was called a scarlet woman by the people
Who would go to church but left me in the streets
With no parents of my own I never had a home
And a eighteen year old boy has got to eat

She found me outside one Sunday morning
Begging money from a man I didn't know
She took me in and wiped away my childhood
A woman of the streets this lady Rose

This bed of Rose's that I lay on
Where I was taught to be a man
This bed of Rose's where I'm livin'
Is the only kind of life I'll understand

She was a handsome woman just thirty-five
Who was spoken to in town by very few
She managed a late evening business
Like most of the town wished they could do

And I learned all the things that a man should know
From a woman not approved of, I suppose
She died knowing someone really loved her
From life's bramble bush

I picked a rose
This bed of Rose's...
This bed of Rose's...

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