Bassheads es una canción interpretada por Gangrene . La canción puede ser escuchada a través de la estación Radio Los Santos.


Just like a basshead I can't live without my shit hitting
The back of the car, it sound like somebody kicking it
Pop the trunk where it all goes down
The robot slow, just to shake up the town
And the whip is filled with that low bass sound
They say you won't be hearing anything, you play it that loud
'Cause of that
'Cause of mine
They say that
Then tell 'em all to back up and let me get my space, homie
I see you mad, you ain't talking but yeah, your face showing
I'm like the lightning, I'm bumping, you smell the tody
Just turn it up louder but soon as you pass the police
Maxing up the volume like fuck it, you kinda owe me
Tell him that y'all know me, talk to the sub only
That's the, that's the
That's the, that's the
Y'all can't fuck with mine
Y'all can't fuck with mine
Y'all can't fuck with mine
All systems loaded, revenge of Johnny 5
Equalizer like blink while I keep the party live
Impressed to fly robot with my dance steps
Bunny man, Roger Rabbit and electric slide
These are robotic sweat dripping from off my helmet
To my pelvis and now all of my circuits fried
Bass line moving, make a rocka move
These party people you are now under my hypnosis
Robotic arm contacts the needle to the groove
As I proceed to command party people to move
I zip zip, switch into mode and get busy
Humanoids dance around until their dome gets dizzy
From all the
Y'all can't fuck with mine
Y'all can't fuck with mine
Y'all can't fuck with mine

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