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- Big Smoke drives a Glendale with a white roof and baby blue body. The car's license plate reads A2TMFK. This could mean a two-timing motherfucker, hinting at his actions later in the game, or a two ton motherfucker, which references the fact that he is overweight, which is also a running gag early on in the game. Some say it is also a reference to the Cypress Hill song A to the Motherf*ckin K, however the game is set in 1992, and the song came out in 1993. - His favorite radio station is Bounce FM, as referenced by what is always first been heard when inside his car. - The Beta version of Big Smoke wears white jersey, black pants, and features a baldhead. All of this can be seen on the statue of himself inside his Crack Palace. - Some of Big Smoke's lines in early missions are hypocritical, during the mission Drive-Thru, he replies 'You know what people are like. Say they have love for you, but won't say a word. Too damn scared.' when Sweet, CJ, Ryder and himself are talking about CJ's Mother's death, and again when Smoke says 'All they do is sell Yay and ruin the place. No crack ever made a gang tight.' when in fact, at the end of the game, Smoke creates a crack empire.

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  • Big Smoke

    «¡Big Smoke, baby! ¡Recuerda mi nombre!» «Solo tenías que seguir el maldito tren, CJ.»

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