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- During the mission "Ryder", Ryder holds the cashier at gun point, however the cashier immediately recognises him by telling him that no one else is that small and that he feels sorry for his dad. Implying that his dad had a small penis. - Despite how well and/or carefully the player makes Carl drive in the game, Ryder will always ridicule him about it. - "Ryder" is the only mission in which Ryder is seen without his trademark cap. He also never removes his sunglasses. - During the mission Home Invasion, while driving home, CJ says to Ryder, "One day, you'll seriously wished that you hadn't have pissed me off.", which could be a potential reference to the mission Pier 69, wherein CJ would kill him. - He still wears green after openly betraying the Grove Street Families. This is because he has only one coded outfit, his Grove Street outfit. Ryder bears a striking resemblance to the late rapper Eazy-E; wearing a black baseball cap and sporting a Jheri Curls hair style, while constantly seen with a pair of blacked out sunglasses worn on occasions by Eazy-E. Ryder is also short in stature, furthering the resemblance to Eazy-E. He also has a habit of calling CJ a "buster." - Ryder owns a Picador with a license plate which reads SHERM, referring to his addiction to sherm, a cigarette that has been immersed in Phencyclidine. - Ryder's favourite Radio station is Radio Los Santos. - Ryder in the beta used to have a Brown Sadler I- f you use a glitch to see through Ryder's glasses, you can observe that Ryder keeps his eyes closed. - On a wall of his house, there is a poster featuring the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cover.

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    «No importa cuanta mierda te heche encima esta ciudad, CJ, ¡tienes que estar con tus colegas!»...

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