Alwayz Into Somethin es una canción que forma parte de la BSO de Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, en Radio Los Santos. Es interpretada por el grupo N.W.A.


Ninety ninety mothafuckin 1
Nwas back in this mothafuckin yo
Takin out all you commercicalized ass niggaz
And were on this lay back track
And were doin this well kinda smooth
So whats youre gonna do dre, kick it!

Its so on le the shit flow on
Because I need somethin to go off on
The mothafuckin d-r-e servin a death wish
So Im a hit you like this
Early in the morning hop into the b-enz
I got 44 wayz of gettin paid
Sittin in my lap as I roll off the compton blocks
To skoop up ren I heard shots -
1 2 3, then I see the nigga
Hop in de benz and it was ren on the mothafuckin trigger
He got in the benz and said
Dre I was speakin to de bitch oshey [ice cube]
And as we roll on I seen the patrol on crip
So we got ghost because they beat
Me and ren in de black ce, yo,
Poppin some funky shit by de D.O.C
I gotta get paid, paid in a hurry see
I gotta have it if Im not paid fully
I start takin, makin sure my shit is steady bumpin
A niggaz alwayz into somethin

I hear a dope beat
Somebody told me to buck dead
But if dre didnt do it I cant fuck with it
Nwa is like a mix a fix a trix
Real niggaz with big dicks
Youre takin a chance when you think that
Talkin under your breath wont lead to young death
Fuckin up shit and shit by the killin
For a nigga labled as bein - a mothafuckin villain
But you dont know me, a récord cant tell ya
I was so afraid Id be a mothafuckin faliure
Real niggaz got a hat-top breakin
I hooked up with 3 more niggaz and started makin -
Funky-ass shit for your system
Might sound nice so it makes you wanna listen to a
Sample of a ruthless organization
But you dont want the conferntation
Real niggaz dont play -
Yella, eazy, me and the nigga nigga dre
Yo, alwayz makin sure that my shit is steady bumpin

Yeah, the worlds most dangerous group
Definetly in this mothafucka
Sendin a shout-out to all the niggaz out there
Yo you can get in the pick up and suck de dick up till you hick-up
You know what Im sayin
Yo, cuz Im a nigga for life
And I realy dont give a fuck
Im goin for mine - every time
I see a fuckin softy -
Punk strong as coffee
A nigga like that best to back up off me
Yo, cuz these are the dayz and the times of de real nigga
False niggaz, nwaz toss niggaz
And thats on de real cuz Im a nigga that killz
Again and again so tell em whats up ren

If Im not no nothin I dont feel like
So I grab de 9 n de clip and go to murder mothafuckaz at night
Because Im startin to feel
Im sittin in a cell with a crimerz too tragic it couldnt make bail
So now they gotta hold me
And listen to rehabilizations over and over
Sayin they told me
But I dont give a fuck cuz I know my shit is pumpin
A niggaz alwayz into somethin


Esta canción es la que escucha Ryder en la misión de susodicho nombre.